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Consumer centers warn against the use of aggressive cleaning products: The chemicals they contain can cause skin irritation and trigger allergic reactions. Particularly at home, the utmost caution is advised, because especially in the kitchen and bathroom you are in direct contact with the "chemical bombs". The solution is cleaning with the innovative steam vacuum cleaner edition UVC: Hygienic and germ-free cleanliness - only with water, completely without chemicals!

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SUPER CLEAN, germ-free & environmentally friendly

The beam steam vacuums completely dispense with the use of chemical cleaning agents. The hot water steam dissolves even stubborn dirt and the additional UVC light works effectively against germs, bacteria and viruses. This keeps your home free of chemicals. In addition, no surfactants get into the waste water and the environment is protected.

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The Edition Limatic LN shows that you don’t need any chemicals to achieve high standards of hygiene. Particularly good in the kitchen: because who really wants to prepare or store food where aggressive chemicals have been used for cleaning? I no longer have to worry about any residue on the work surfaces here.
Inge Nellany
The rugs in our entrance area are often extremely dirty because of our dog. I used to clean them outside with a high-pressure cleaner and then they had to be left in the sun for a long time to dry. With the BEAM steam vacuum cleaner I don’t have to do any of that and can clean the rugs quickly and easily in situ.
Engelbert & Heidi Braun
We have a stone floor in our house with very wide joints. It had always bothered me that the grout had gone dark – no matter how hard I scrubbed when cleaning with my bucket and brush, rather than being removed effectively, the dirt always ended up in the joints. With the Limatic Carbon from BEAM our stone floor is now truly deep-clean and looks so much better.
Nicole Preißer
Economically advantageous device that I can only recommend. I would no longer want to do without it in our household. The instruction was comprehensive, very friendly and competent. Many thanks to my daughter for the brilliant gift.
Sandra Doeberitz
The product delivers what the expert advice promised... Extensive and useful accessories simplify everyday use enormously! We use the beam steam vacuum cleaner for domestic and professional use and are 100 % convinced by the product!
Chris Meyer

One for all

An end to 1000 different special agents

See for yourself: Beam steam vacuums can be used quickly and easily throughout the entire home. Whether windows, joints, various floor coverings and even upholstery, with the beam Edition UVC everything becomes hygienically clean.
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Protect your family and the environment sustainably

  • NO DANGER of allergies and skin irritations due to aggressive cleaning agents
  • FRESH & CLEAN AIR due to the water filtration system
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY due to the absence of chemicals




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